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[RS] Dolls chandelier earrings
RM87.00 RM79.00

[RS] Juliana drop earrings
RM69.00 RM55.00

[RS] Unbalanced coin tassel earrings
RM52.00 RM46.00

[RS] Chicken and tassel earrings
RM53.00 RM45.00

[RS] Pepper cubic earrings
RM55.00 RM38.00

[RS] Daily minimal earrings ♥ 1 set of 4 pcs ♥

RM46.00 RM29.00

[RS] Chic holiday earrings [Stainless steel]
RM56.00 RM39.00

[RS] Square X earrings [KBS sponsor]
RM49.00 RM39.00

[RS] SSong I ribbon hairpin [Aznavour] [Small]
RM35.00 RM29.00

[RS] Prosper earring [LIMITED]
RM79.00 RM72.00

[RS] Wave hairband
[1Colors, 1Pattern]
RM42.00 RM33.00

[RS] Snake chain drop necklace
RM65.00 RM55.00

[RS] Anytime ribbon earring
RM48.00 RM39.00

Covering jewelry coat

RM45.00 RM29.00

[RS] Make a wish necklace
RM39.00 RM32.00

{FREE} 12pcs Colorful Hair chalk


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