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... Shopping Guide
  1. Register as a new user at our JOIN page.
  2. Login to shop.
  3. Choose your favorite items. Click BUY NOW to put the item into your cart.
  4. You may choose to continue shopping or submit the order.
  5. At the same time, you can view the number of items and total amount in CART.
  6. After you have submitted the order, please wait for our verification email for the stock availability and estimate deliver date.
  7. Make a payment within 3 working days to confirm your order.
  8. After making a payment, please fill up the PAYMENT CONFIRMATION form.
  9. We will notify you once we receive the form & full payment.
  10. In case of sudden stock shortage in Korea due to certain reasons, we will refund 100% to you.
  11. When we are ready to send out your items, we will update you the parcel tracking number.
  12. You may check the parcel's location thru our ORDER TRACKING page.
You may contact us anytime thru facebook/email/msn:
We will reply you within 24 hours. If not, please contact us back.
... Terms & Conditions
  1. 一旦订单确认成功,靓靓们已付款后,就不可退单咯。
  2. 订单确认后,3 天内没收到付款,订单便自动作废,购买者将列入黑名单。
  3. 货物出门,恕不退换。所以靓靓们要看好选好写好哦。
  4. 照片所提供的颜色也许会因银幕不同设置而有点落差,但是与货品真正的颜色不会相差远。完美主义的靓靓们要多多包容哦~
  5. 收到货物若有瑕疵或寄送错误, 请立即联络我们。我们将免费退换货物。
  6. 我们不接受因个人原因要退换货物, 例如:不喜欢颜色及尺寸。包裹一旦被确认签收当天算起3天,3天内联络我们们方有效。如果超过3天才联络我们,无论什么理由都不接受退换了。因为有些顾客佩戴了自己损坏了说是原物瑕疵,我们就亏大咯。谢谢谅解~
  7. 如果靓靓要预购的物品,请在预购截止日期前提交预购单,然后我们确认一切后您才付款。我们会通知您货到日期, 通常是在预购截止日期后,5天内从韩国到马来西亚。然后2天快邮到您府上。现货的物品就无需等了。由于国际航班问题时常出现延误到货,有时也会推迟发货,请各位买家一定谅解及注意!
  1. Cancellation is not allowed once the order and payment have been confirmed/verified by us.
  2. Once we verify the order, payment shall be made within 3 days. Failing to do so, the order will be cancelled automatically and the buyer's name will be blacklisted. After payment has been done, please fill up the Payment Confirmation form so that we can process your order immediately.
  3. Goods sold are not refundable.
  4. The real color of the products might look a bit different due to different computer screen settings. Anyway it won't be much different.
  5. If you receive a defect product or wrong delivery, please contact us immediately and we will resend the goods for free. Don't worry, we will double check the quality & the condition of the products before sending.
  6. We do not accept returns of good due to personal reasons e.g., not favorite color or size or type. Starting counting 3 days from the day of parcel been collected, if the item has any defect, please contact us for a return. After 3 days, all reasons will not be accepted.
  7. Please submit your order before the pre-order deadline. Before making any payment, please wait for our email verification of the stock availability. At the same time, we will also inform you the delivery date. Usually it takes 5 working days from Korea to Malaysia, and then 2 days Poslaju to the buyer. For ready stock, no more waiting (while stock lasts). Kindly be informed that, due to the frequent delaying of international courier flight, we might also facing the delaying in delivering the goods to the buyer.
Check it please!

... Ring Size
Please measure your finger size before placing an order of a ring.
Ring Size Inner Length (mm) Diameter (mm) Ring Size Inner Length (mm) Diameter (mm)
5 48 14.5 12 55 16.6
6 49 14.7 13 56 17.0
7 50 15.0 14 57 17.2
8 51 15.4 15 58 17.7
9 52 15.8 16 59 18.0
10 53 16.0 17 60 18.3
11 54 16.4 18 61 18.6

... 925 Silver
有注明 的首饰就是纯银,没注明的就是合金。银色不代表925纯银哦~

925 items will be labeled accordingly. Silver color doesn't mean 925 silver.
... HÖT item
有注明 字眼的物品超销量,可能很快就卖完需要补货。

Hot labeled items are selling fast in Korea. If sold out, might take time to restock.
... Colors

Some items are having different price among the other colors. PinkGold color sometimes is selling at higher price than Silver & Black colors. The price will be shown accordingly when you click the color in the dropdown box.
... Julius watch
由于关卡严查国际包裹 尤其是金银铁质物品 包裹通常会在关卡停留很久 所以订购Julius手表 从预购截单日开始算起需要等2-3个星期才到哦。店主的话:这个品牌手表品质很好 值得等~ 所有Julius手表都附送精美Julius盒子一个,保证卡一张。机芯保证期一年,手表带和人为损坏不在保内。购买两支Julius手表免快邮POSLAJU。这个物品是直接从工厂发出,100%原装,不是翻版。表后边有Julius镭射印章。部分手表在韩国设计,授权中国生产,所以有些表后边会有 "Made in China" 字眼,介意的靓靓要自行通知AmoginDesign,好让卖家可以向韩国确认后才下单。不过大多数Julius手表没有这字眼, 后边大多刻着 "Korea Design" .虽授权中国生产,韩国原设计家还是会严查Julius手表 品质,所以质量保证,请放心购买。
  • Due to the frequent custom clearance delaying on checking the international parcels, especially items consist of metal, alloy and gold materials. Parcels will be on hold for few days in custom. Thus Julius watches will usually take 2-3 weeks to reach Malaysia (starting count from pre-order due date).
  • AmoginDesign's comment: This is Korea branded design watches, so it is worth to wait.
  • All Julius watches will be given a gift box and a warranty card. All Julius products will be strictly tested before the shipment and one year warranty will be provided for the movement/chip part only (exclude belt, out-of-battery, and human error damage).
  • This item is directly from the Factory, 100% New, Genuine, Non-piracy. Come with logo on the back of the watch, original gift package.
  • Buy TWO Julius watches FREE Poslaju.
  • Please take note that some watches are designed in Korea, but authorized to be made in China. So part of the items have "Made in China" wording at the back of the watches. If you mind about it, please let us know earlier. So that we can consult our Korea Supplier first before ordering it. Somehow most of the Julius watches do not have these wording but "Korea Design" at the back.
  • Even though it has been authorized to be produced in China factory, the Korea Designer still very particular about the quality of the watches. So have no worry on the quality matters.